Dutch Profiles: 2012Architects

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The partners of 2012Architects make waste superfluous by reusing everything from washing machines, to car windows, to discarded cable reels, as building materials in their creations.

2012Architects - now called Superuse Studios - suggests not only a new kind of aesthetic and functionality in sustainable architecture, but also a new approach to design. Rather than designing first and finding materials later, they look for materials locally that could be reused - and then design with those materials in mind.

Video credits

  • Commissioning editor: Geert van de Wetering
  • Producer: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
  • Director: Geert van de Wetering
  • Camera: Marijn Zurburg
  • Sound: Benny Jansen
  • Editing: Dominique Kools
  • Music & Sound Design: Pastelle Music
  • Produced by Submarine, Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix
  • Commissioned by DutchDFA

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    Dutch Profiles is a series of short documentaries focusing on well-known icons of Dutch design, such as Rem Koolhaas, Droog, Li Edelkoort, Hella Jongerius, HEMA, and Iris van Herpen.