Crafts and design at the Zuiderzeemuseum - Michael Huyser

00:02:58 Zuiderzeemuseum
By commisioning present-day designera and artists, the Zuiderzee Museum seeks to keep the cultural heritage of the former Zuiderzee area alive. Watch and listen to Michael Huyser, the Museum’s former general manager.


With the completion of the Afsluitdijk in 1932, the Zuiderzee was closed off and became a lake: the IJsselmeer. The Zuiderzee Museum, established in the City of Enkhuizen in 1948, aims at keeping the cultural heritage of the former Zuiderzee and the present and future IJsselmeer area alive. In this video, the Museum’s former general manager Michael Huyser explains how everything in the Museum revolves around water, old crafts and trades, communities and history, everything in a continuous process of development and renewal, at the Museum’s indoor and its outdoor department alike. For its permanent collection as well as for its temporary exhibitions the Museum collaborates with present-day designers and artists to whom the traditional as well as the modern processes of making things serve as a source of inspiration.

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