Cindy Beck talks about collaboration

00:01:58 Stedelijk Museum Breda
"As a museum, we want work closely with the city. To really be here for Breda", says Cindy Beck, head of Education and Participation. Discover what her team does for children and the city of Breda.

Stedelijk Museum Breda is more than just a museum. It also aims to actively engage inhabitants of the city and visitors to the museum. The Education and Participation team plays an important role in this. On the one hand it focuses on children through educational programmes and activities. Using playful methods, the children learn to look at art, historical objects and images in general.

On the other hand, the city curator actively seeks to work with the city through I.S.M. Breda. The curator is always on the lookout for opportunities to set up projects like exhibitions and events, both within and outside the cultural sector.

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