Change makers – Eric Klarenbeek en Maartje Dros

00:05:53 324 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Eric Klarenbeek (1978) is product designer and considers himself ‘designer of the unusual’. With his partner, Maartje Dros, he is looking for new, organic-based raw materials that, in the long term, can completely replace plastic.

Studio Eric Klarenbeek was the first to succeed in 3D printing with live mycelium fungi. They are now developing other organic materials for the 3D printer. Not only do Dros and Klarenbeek believe that 3D-printing fosters the use of organic materials, they also believe it promotes local production.

Accordingly, they want to set up ‘3D-bakery’. This is a platform and a website, where one can order a design for a product and have it printed in a 3D-bakery nearby. The products are made of local and bio-degradable materials.

They want to set up a platform, the ‘3D Bakery’, which would allow people in any given location to print out objects from local biological degradable materials. Currently Klarenbeek and Dros are developing new algae glass. This is a 3-D printed replica made from algae from the pond of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Video credits

Video: Anouk Wouters

Interview: Sophie Heijkoop

With special thanks to:
Eric Klarenbeek
Maartje Dros
courtesy LUMA Foundation

Subtitles: Einion Media

With support from: Fonds 21, VSBfonds, Gemeente Rotterdam, BankGiro Loterij, Boijmans Business Club

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    From within the design world, there is a growing readiness to tackle the big systemic problems of our time: scarcity of raw materials, growing social inequality and increasing migration due to conflicts. For designers, these problems are not a threat but rather an opportunity to create something new. This series features seven interviews with ‘changemakers’; designers who adopt a critical stance and appeal for urgent change.