Arne Hendriks has been exploring the notion of downsizing for more than seven years. With his project The Incredible Shrinking Man, he is attempting to change ideas about growth and to encourage the notion that smaller is better.

If people grew no taller than 50 cm, many of our current problems would disappear: we would consume less food and energy, and pollution would be reduced by more than half. Hendriks employs the visual power of design to explore this idea. Design functions here as a conversation piece, as a means of initiating a discussion about change.

Video credits

  • Video: Anouk Wouters
  • Interview: Sophie Heijkoop
  • With sspecial thanks to: Arne Hendriks
  • Subtitles: Einion Media
  • Met steun van: Fonds 21, VSBfonds, Gemeente Rotterdam, BankGiro Loterij, Boijmans Business Club
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  • Change makers

    From within the design world, there is a growing readiness to tackle the big systemic problems of our time: scarcity of raw materials, growing social inequality and increasing migration due to conflicts. For designers, these problems are not a threat but rather an opportunity to create something new. This series features seven interviews with ‘changemakers’; designers who adopt a critical stance and appeal for urgent change.