Casper Verborg’s Parallel worlds

00:04:24 322 Museum Arnhem
An artist, living and working in Arnhem, who merges parallel worlds from the past and present: Casper Verborg.

(Video in Dutch only)

What Casper actually shows with his art? That we think we understand what we see. But, like in real life, things seems to be framed and logical… And then all of a sudden everything turns out different than you thought it would..

Verborg recently received the prestigious Sieger White Award 2016. 'the pink elephant. Casper Verborg' is the 30th edition of the Gelders Balkon (Guelders Balcony), a stage in Museum Arnhem for regional artists or art initiatives. Till 19 March 2017 Museum Arnhem will exhibit a selection of his work.

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Videoportrait Casper Verborg
Item from the program UIT met Esther van Omroep Gelderland (donderdag 27 januari 2016)

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