BoijmansTV: Growth

00:16:28 50 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
'There's a giant at my counter,' announces Mandy to security, when a giant of a latecomer reports for Bregje's tour. Bregje was just about to discuss the painting 'The new generation' by Jan Toorop with her group of young fathers with babies in carriers.
Tanja Smeets

Dutch visual artist Tanja Smeets (1963) chooses her materials on the basis of colour, structure and shape. She groups these materials into large organic structures that seem to be the result of a natural growth process: they infiltrate the environment and suggest they have always been there.

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In this painting, Toorop showed time rushing by, but, according to Bregje, he also wanted to express the vulnerability of parenthood.

In the meantime, Marco is taken by his adolescent son Jordi to see the installation of Tanja Smeets - it's Jordi's favourite work. This environment, made from thousands of plastic concrete butterflies has given him the courage to start a conversation with his father about personal growth. For Tanja Smeets, growth can go in all directions; her work is open and searches for a route past fixed points in the environment.

At the ticket desk things are getting out of hand: the flyers Mandy uses to get people to vote for her are threatening to overrun the whole counter and her as well! The blood-curdling finale shows the excesses of proliferation caused by Tanja Smeets: run for your life!

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Boijmans TV is a collaborative project of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, RTV Rijnmond and Ro Theater, developed with support from the VSBfonds and the Mediafonds. The series is produced by the Rotterdam production office Popov Film.


Sander Burger (final editing)

Kuba Szutkowski (producer)

Dragan Bakema (creative producer)

Edgar Kapp (production manager)

Jetse Batelaan (director of tours)

Wilfried de Jong (concept and interviews)

Els Hoek (research and editing)

And many others.

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