Behold the Man

00:06:05 Museum de Fundatie
One hundred portraits over one hundred years. Every year one portrait.


From 1 October 2016 to 15 January 2017, Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle will present the exhibition Behold the Man. With 100 works by artists such as Kokoschka, Brancusi, Schad, Picasso, Nussbaum, Bacon, Goldin, Trecartin, Dumas, Richter and Rauch, Behold the Man will show how artists of the past century successfully used the seemingly clear and straightforward genre of the portrait to evoke the richness and complexity of the modern world.

100 portraits

The curator of Behold the Man is art critic Hans den Hartog Jager, who also organized the exhibitions More Light (2011) and More Power (2014). The organizing principle of the exhibition Behold the Man seems simple at first: one hundred portraits of one hundred people from the past one hundred years – exactly one from each year. They vary from Oskar Kokoschka’s Self-Portrait (1917) to Neo Rauch’s Storm Front (2016), from Pablo Picasso’s Large Still Life with a Pedestal Table (Marie-Thérèse) (1931) to Kerry James Marshall’s Scout Master (1996), and from Francis Bacon's Sphinx (1953) to Tracey Emin’s Why I Never Became a Dancer (1995). Yet Behold the Man is much more than a gallery of portraits thrown together arbitrarily…

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