At first sight

00:03:42 M of Museum Leuven
What if the museum cases are left empty? Oriol Vilanova has researched and exposed it in M Leuven.
Oriol Vilanova

Oriol Vilanova (Manresa, 1980) lives and works in Brussels with stays in Barcelona and Paris. He is interested in the political mechanisms for the construction of history and the gaze, and most of his works function as cabinets of curiosities.

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A display case full of art objects offers a space for stories and surprises. But what if the cases are left empty? What stories do they evoke then? The artist Oriol Vilanova (°1980, Spain) focuses on the act of exhibiting as a means of presenting or concealing. In At first sight he uses exhibition furniture and a collection of postcards picked up at second-hand markets. His minimal installations play with camouflage, chance, repetition, and exaggeration. 

Video credits

  • Curator: Valerie Verhack 
  • Interview: Veerle Ausloos 
  • Camera and editing: Mario De Munck 
  • Photos M-Museum Leuven: Dir Pauwels 
  • Music: ‘Kelp Grooves’, Little Glass Men, FMA 
  • Thanks to the City Archives of Leuven


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