Anne & Patrick Poirier in De Pont museum

De Pont museum
Already 50 years of working and living together, results in a magnificent overview of works on paper, sculptures and installations.


The artistic quest of Patrick and Anne Poirier began nearly fifty years ago in Rome. During an artist-in-residence period at Villa Medici, the French Academy there, they became fascinated with the age-old ruins and other traces of the past that remain visible throughout the city. Since then, memory has played a major role in their work, along with the vulnerability of culture, nature and mankind. From the start of their joint career, the Poiriers have assumed alternating roles as architects and archeologists. Archeological excavations attest not only to decay or destruction by a war or a natural disaster that took place long ago. Ruins, to them, are also a sign of vitality, a metaphor for life that keeps on going in an uninterrupted chain of birthand death - of construction and destruction.

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  • Jeanne van der Horst
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