Amie Dicke: inspired by Berlage

00:04:44 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
GEM, the museum of contemporary art in The Hague presented Amie Dicke’s first ever solo show in any museum in the Netherlands. She took inspiration from the Berlage pond in front of the Gemeentemuseum next to GEM.

For the main gallery of GEM, Amie Dicke designed a monumental pond: a mirror image of the Berlage pond in front of the Gemeentemuseum. It is a pool full of memories, filled with imagery from both her personal archive, and Gemeentemuseum archive.

It is intended as a way of integrating the rich history of the Berlage building into the far more recent premises of the GEM. But the pond also features other images, such as photos of earthquakes and other natural disasters taken from the artist’s personal picture archive. It is a sort of horizontal painting in which the past and present of the place merge together to form an Nabeeld (Afterimage). 

Amie Dicke - Nabeeld
Sept 22, 2012 till Jan 6, 2013
GEM, The Hague.

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