A trip for Johan Thorn Prikker

00:03:39 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
This time, the preparations for the exhibition ‚'Jugendstil and beyond' of Johan Thorn Prikker did not just start in museum depositories, books and archives. A trip along churches, villas and houses in the German Rhineland was necessary to get a good idea of his work.

Some of the key pieces in his oeuvre are inextricably connected with the architecture. How do you exhibit such works that are impossible to move to an exhibition room? Curator Mienke Simon Thomas, guest curator Christiane Heiser and educator Catrien Schreuder visited Germany in May 2010 to look at all the works and draw up a plan. Here is a report of three intensive days.

Video credits

Camera: Catrien Schreuder
Voice-over: Mienke Simon Thomas
Editing: Rose Klaver

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