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Besides our own productions and series, we are happy to offer a stage for special attributions like television shows or other externally produced videos on art and design. Either for a limited time, or exclusively available on ARTtube. 

29 videos

  • BoijmansTV - Making Of

    In this 'making of' we see how the episode is filmed, the makers talk about the story and share their views about the Public Art Depot and... the secret is revealed of how people descend into the 'Manhole' by Maurizio Cattelan.

  • BoijmansTV laatste aflevering - DePot

    In this extra episode of Boijmans TV, tour-guide Bregje entertains a group of clairvoyants. They have received signals that work is already under way on the new building and use their gifts to inform Bregje about the future.

  • BoijmansTV: Whatever you can get for it.

    In episode 1 of Boijmans TV season 2, a group of economics students and guide Bregje van der Laar take a closer look at the important question 'What sets the value of art?'. The discussion is triggered by Jeff Koons' enormous Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta), which was purchased in 2011 by a private collector for 6.2 million dollars.

  • BoijmansTV: Order and Harmony

    Tour-guide Bregje tries to explain the painting Composition nr. II by Mondrian in episode 2 of BoijmansTV season 2 to a group that visually constantly doubles itself.

  • BoijmansTV: Moving Image

    Generally, security guard Arie respects the boundaries between his own world - that of the museum - and the world of the artist whom he interrogates. But in episode 3 of Boijmans TV season 2, sculptor Boris van Berkum dares to disrupt the sacred museum silence and Arie has to descend into the 'Hole of Cattelan'.

  • BoijmansTV: I Spy with my Little Eye

    The fourth episode of BoijmansTV season 2 is called 'Spy with my Little Eye.' And naturally everybody responds to this with: 'So what do you see then?'.

  • BoijmansTV: Something

    For as long as mankind has existed, he has turned his head upwards - to the sky, the clouds, the sun, moon and stars, in search of a sign to guide him. Something. In the Middle Ages - as Bregje explains to a Gregorian choir in episode 5 of Boijmans TV season 2 - the gaze is directed only towards God and the afterlife.

  • BoijmansTV: Growth

    'There's a giant at my counter,' announces Mandy to security, when a giant of a latecomer reports for Bregje's tour. Bregje was just about to discuss the painting 'The new generation' by Jan Toorop with her group of young fathers with babies in carriers.

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