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You can find sculptures in any size or shape. Literally, because the definition of a sculpture is that it’s three dimensional. So however it’s made and what it depicts doesn’t matter, as long as it’s 3D. The material that is used also doesn't matter, a sculpture can be made of anything between bronze and purfoam. In what way sculptures differ, you can find out in our videos; from the ‘grande dame’ of sculpture Barbara Hepworth to the reflecting works by contemporary artist Anish Kapoor.

52 videos

  • Machine Spectacle by Jean Tinguely

    Jean Tinguely is famous for his playful, boldly kinetic machines and explosive performances. Everything had to be different, everything had to move.

  • Retrospective - Guy de Cointet

    Curators of M Leuven, Eva Wittocx and Hugues Decointet, share their insights about the universe of Guy de Cointet.

  • The wild word

    Peter Buggenhout constructs sculptural installations out of industrial and found materials.

  • Cluster

    Originally Peter Rogiers wanted to become a cartoonist, but almost accidentally became a sculptor. In this video he shows you his working progress.

  • Beeldig lopen

    Beeldig Lopen Guide’s Running Tours are made for people interested in sport and nature.

  • Meet me @ Middelheimmuseum

    Guided tours for people with incipient and moderate dementia


    A film about the exbibition POM’ PO PON PO PON PON POM PON - A nonconformist procession of sculptures

  • Culture, another nature repaired

    Kader Attia was inspired by the mutilated face of WO I soldiers in combination with African masks for his sculptres in the exhibition "Culture, another nature repaired."

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