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Painting is perhaps one of the best known form of art. Who doesn’t know the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or the Night Watch by Rembrandt?

For a long time paintings mostly depicted religious subjects. In the Middle Ages many people couldn’t read, so churches used painting to tell Biblical stories. This changed around the fifteenth century. Painters no longer painted strictly religious scenes. They painted different subjects such as nature or portraits and the technique also got more and more important. Esthetics became predominant. That’s when painting really became an art form. 

28 videos

  • The Wild - New Wild

    Explore the art works and development of German Expressionism.

  • The Van Beers Affair. Master painter or conman?

    Though Van Beers has gone down in history as a painter, during his lifetime the artist was best known as an ambitious society figure. However, was he a master painter, or a conman?

  • Descendant of a family of artists

    In line of the exhibition 'Mono no Aware' Jasper Krabbé explains how he functions as a descendant of a well known family of artists.

  • Painting and Other Stuff

    A long-time resident of Chicago, Kerry James Marshall is widely regarded as one of the greatest painters of his generation. Get to know his style and work.

  • One hundred views

    On a wall of more than 100 square meters makes Zandvliet a temporary frame and draws a painting based on sketches.

  • Portret of an artist: Reinoud van Vught

    Van Vught finds his inspiration in nature and in the tradition of painting, but most of all he let's the works of art speak for themselves.

  • Marlene Dumas - Black drawings

    Black Drawings in the collection of De Pont museum, undoubtedly stems from Marlene Dumas’ youth in South Africa and attests to an aversion and resistance to the uniform, clichéd image of ‘the black’.

  • Alice Neel - Collector of souls

    American artist Alice Neel (1900-1984) was above all a portrait painter or, as she herself put it, a ‘collector of souls’.

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