Old masters

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In this theme you’ll find videos on art before 1850. Dive into the stories behind famous masterpieces by old masters - from the Middle Ages to the Golden Age - like Jan van Eyck, Jheronimus Bosch and Rembrandt van Rijn. 

56 videos

  • The Divine Renaissance

    Renaissance master Fra Bartolommeo spent the majority of his life in Florence, the city of his birth. Curator Albert Elen and Chris Fischer, leading expert on the artist’s oeuvre, take you there in this film, and show you the places that mark the most important events in the life of the drawing and painting monk.

  • Hendrick De Clerck - spin-doctor

    During the incredible career of Hendrick de Clerck - spin-doctor to Archdukes Albert and Isabella -, this contemporary of Rubens created an oeuvre to match the ambitions of his monarchs.

  • Political propaganda past and present

    Prof. Luc Duerloo (UA) and Prof. Bart Kerremans (KUL) look at the role played by Albert and Isabella’s court in the work of Hendrik de Clerck, but also at the use of spin doctors in US presidential elections.

  • The real Girl with a Pearl Earring

    How would the Girl wit a Pearl Earring by Vermeer look in your interior? The Mauritshuis surprised Elsa with a redecorated house within the museum.

  • Bringing Bosschaert to Life

    The flower still life by Bosschaert in Mauritshuis was brought to life by video artists duo Rob and Nick Carter.

  • Selfies of the Golden Age

    Thanks to the smartphone more self-portraits than ever before are being made. But in the Dutch Golden Age things were very different: only draughtsmen or painters could produce a selfie.

  • The making of Verso

    How does the back of the Mona Lisa or Night by Van Gogh look like? Vik Muniz will show you in this video.

  • The Golden Cabinet

    A mini-documentary shows you how the unique exhibition The Golden Cabinet - Royal Museum at the Rockox House came to life.

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