Film, video and media art

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The theme Film, Video and Media Art features videos of art on moving images and art with an experimental character. Besides video installations and artworks made for a museum setting, this theme also shows experimental or avant-garde film.

Film, video, digital media and computers challenge visual artists to experiment with the materials; cinematographic elements, interaction and presentation formats. In this theme you find stories about the use of film and digital media as material for artworks, portraits of cinematographers and video artists, behind the scenes of the archives or exhibitions.

60 videos

  • Celluloid

    Director of exhibitions and curator Jaap Guldemond discusses the background of the exhibition Celluloid.

  • Robby Müller - Master of Light

    Watch this video on the large exhibition on Robby Müller, the most famous Dutch cinematographer.

  • A small sound in your head

    A small sound in your head is Lee’s first institutional solo show in Europe and is being held parallel to his first museum exhibition in the US.

  • Close-up: Machine Room

    Presentation Researchlab ArtEZ in the exposition Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands.

  • The Hateful Eight

    70mm Roadshow Version

  • The curator on Control Syntax Rio

    Curator Mark Wasiuta talks in this video about the installation Control Syntax Rio, an advanced command and control centre.

  • Nástio Mosquito - Positions #2

    Nástio Mosquito is rooted in the broadcast industry, where he worked as director and cameraman. Now he produces beautiful art works.

  • Chia-Wei Hsu – Positions #2

    Through retelling forgotten histories, Chia-Wei Hsu shows how the dense and complex layers of culture and histories fundamentally transform the lives of people in the modern age.

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