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Drawing has always been an important part of the visual arts. Drawings weren’t always appreciated as an autonomous art discipline. Mostly they were used as sketches, studies or underdrawings for paintings. It was not until Romantic period (early nineteenth century) that there was an increased interest in sketchings. More than paintings they were able to show the thoughts and feelings of the artist. Since then draughtsmanship developed into an autonomous art form.

Not only drawings made with pencil and paper are seen as draughtsmanship. Many different materials can be used. Watch this video to discover the many faces of draughtsmanship. 

13 videos

  • Portrait of Rinus Van de Velde

    Unique portrait of artist Rinus Van de Velde on the occasion of the exhibition Donogoo Tonga in S.M.A.K. Gent.

  • The work of A. van Campenhout

    In this film, directed by Ad van Campenhout himself, we see the true drawing artist at work in his studio.

  • Makers: Drawing

    In the video series 'Makers', ARTtube visits the studios of artists who distinguish themselves by using innovative materials and techniques. How do they innovate, and what are they inspired by? This episode: drawing.

  • The work of Rinus Van de Velde

    The work of Rinus Van de Velde (b. Leuven, 1983) revolves around the tension between fiction and reality. His striking charcoal drawings are based either on found photographic images or on photographs of scenes he stages himself. In this video he tells us more about the strain of images that influences his work.

  • Paul Noble: N is for Nobson

    This video gives (literally) a glimpse behind the scenes of Paul Noble and offers an insight into the way he thinks and works.

  • Dutch Profiles: Joost Swarte

    Placing human behaviour in an ironic perspective: that is what Joost Swarte aims for with his drawings. Swarte was part of the seminal seventies generation that brought comics to an adult audience.

  • Temperantia

    This video tells the history of the Print Room and shows how the collection is still growing.

  • The Exhibition 'Sketches of Jozef and Isaac Israëls'

    In 1961, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen organized the exhibition 'Sketches of Jozef and Isaac Israëls', shown in this fragment of the newsreel.

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