Contemporary Art

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Contemporary art is art from around 1960 up until now and includes every discipline. For anyone who wants to know what’s going on right now: there’s enough material here! You can watch videos of young talents to established artists. 
You can also have a look at the themes Film, video and media art, Design or Dance, music and performance for more in-depth videos about contemporary art.

157 videos

  • Excitement – exhibition by Rudi Fuchs

    In this video, Bart Rutten (Head of Collections Stedelijk Museum) and Rudi Fuchs talk about his career and milestones.

  • Isa Genzken: Mach Dich hübsch!

    Mach Dich hübsch! is the first major retrospective exhibition om the work of Isa Genzken in the Netherlands. In this video you can see the making of this exhibition.

  • Tracing the Future - Adrien Tirtiaux

    Adrien Tirtiaux’s sculpture at the municipal park in Leuven literally breaks through the boundary between public and private. It challenges you to think about how far you’d be prepared to go in opening up your property for the general good.

  • At first sight

    What if the museum cases are left empty? Oriol Vilanova has researched and exposed it in M Leuven.

  • Astros Hawk

    Sarah Morris creates paintings and films that explore urban codes and power structures.

  • Markus Schinwald in M Leuven

    At M, contemporary artist Markus Schinwald has created a theatrical setting with moving artworks and characters.

  • Friends of the S.M.A.K. Prize

    May we introduce you to the 7 winners of the ‘Friends of the S.M.A.K. Prize | Coming People 2016’ in this unique video.

  • Intimate Earthquake Archives

    Sissel Marie Tonn won the Theodora Niemeijer Prize and will show an interactive installation on the earthquakes in Groningen.

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