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Without private art collectors, a lot of museum wouldn’t have the possibility to show some of the most well-known pieces of art. A lot of art collectors are investing in art, design, and fashion, and create opportunities for designers and artists to focus solely on producing new pieces. Who are these passionate collectors? Find their love of art in the videos within this theme. 

11 videos

  • The Seven Pillars of H+F

    Han Nefkens began acquiring and collecting contemporary art in 1999. In his search for things that really matter, he stumbled across the lack of financial possibilities available to European museums and the isolation of non-Western artists through lack of visibility.

  • Sharing as antidote. A portrait of Han Nefkens.

    Han Nefkens is an art collector that enjoys sharing his love of art with as many people as possible. He often works together with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

  • The art collection of Josephina and Lambertus van Baaren

    Who were these remarkable collectors Josephina and Lambertus van Baaren and how did they form their collection?

  •  The collection art works by Jan Cox 

    M HKA received some significant donations in 2014 out of the collection of Adriaan Raemdonck. M HKA invited two artists to decide which pieces by Jan Cox are valuable for the museum collections.

  • We Live Art: Geert Verbeke

    This is the third episode of the series ‘We Live Art’, about people whose lives have been changed by art. This episode features Geert Verbeke.

  • Bad Thoughts: Collection Sanders - at home

    On the basis of four works from their collection collectors Martijn and Jeannette Sanders talk about the process of collecting: When do they buy a work? Are there any bad buys? Is there a common thread in the themes? Do they always agree on their purchases? What happens to the works that no longer fit in the house?

  • Bad Thoughts: Collection Sanders - exhibition

    Mr. and Mrs. Sanders see their collection presented on this scale for the very first time. In these moments new relationships between their purchases become visible and the stories of the extraordinary art works ar revealed.

  • ‘From Armando to Tajiri – collector’s discoveries

    In this video you get to meet art collector Frans van Ooijen. He talks about the way he required his works of art and how he met different artists.

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