What the Art?!

9 videos

Under the professional guidance of Dutch broadcasting organisation AVRO, Blikopeners (Eye Openers - peer educators at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) created the television series What The Art?! 

Photo: Tomek Whitfield.

More info about Blikopeners at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

9 episodes of What the Art?!

  • What the Art?! ZERO/Zoro

    When does moving material turn into a work of art? Blikopeners Marcus and Melissa ask find out with artist Zoro Feigl.

  • What the Art?! Tromarama

    Have you ever seen a suitcase in a bar or hear paper money sing? Everything is possible in Tromarama's world.

  • What the Art?! Marlene Dumas

    In this episode of What the Art?!, Blikopeners Janne en Joe visit the exhibition The Image As Burden by Marlene Dumas in the Stedelijk.

  • What the Art?! Roderick Hietbrink

    What happens when you drag a tree through a house? Together with Bilal, Blikopener Joe watches work by video artist Roderick Hietbrink recently bought by the Stedelijk Museum.

  • What the Art?! Harmen Liemburg

    In the episode the Eye Openers visit graphic designer Harmen Liemburg.

  • What the Art?! Koos Breukel

    In this episode 'Eye Openers' visit Dutch photographer Koos Breukel in his studio. He talks with them about what makes a photograph a good one.

  • What the Art?! Marcel Wanders

    Blikopeners Bilal and Helinda seek to discover more about Wander's work: Which product carried his breakthrough design? Why are the best designs so often the most expensive? They look around Moooi, Wanders's design store, and are given a personal tour of his studio. This episode closes with drinks in the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam - the interior of which Wanders designed down to the very last detail.

  • What the Art?! Joep van Lieshout

    Blikopeners Coen and Esha decide to drop in on the remarkable studio of Ted van Lieshout to find out more about his work.

  • What the Art?! Studio Moniker

    A video clip takes Blikopeners Bilal and Margot to meet the multimedia artists at Studio Moniker. Can you really call the work made by Studio Moniker art?