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In the "From .. with Love" series they report back from their trips.


6 episodes of From ... With Love

  • A spectacular feat: transporting a Schnabel to Venice

    Transporting pieces of art isn't easy. Especially not when it's a more than 4 meter wide canvas that's being moved around in a city where there are only pedestrian roads and canals!

  • A new ribbon for a dancer

    This video shows how in April 2011, just before the opening of De Collectie Verrijkt [The Collection Enriched] and under the watchful eye of various experts, the dancer had a new ribbon placed in her hair.

  • Dalí goes to Milan

    In this video you can see how the painting 'Girl Skipping Rope' by Salvador Dalí is transported to Milan. But the transport of a painting that size isn't easy!

  • A trip for Johan Thorn Prikker

    This time, the preparations for the exhibition ‚'Jugendstil and beyond' of Johan Thorn Prikker did not just start in museum depositories, books and archives. A trip along churches, villas and houses in the German Rhineland was necessary to get a good idea of his work.

  • From New York With Love

    Metropolitan Museum's curator of European paintings Walter Liedtke invited curator of Pre-industrial Design Alexandra Gaba-van Dongen of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen to identify the depicted artefacts on The Milkmaid. This is her travellog about this journey.

  • From Stockholm with Love: Anthonie van Dijck

    Two 17th-century paintings, rontgen photography, paint samples and five top specialists in the area of 17th century painting with sparkling eyes. For two days Catrien Schreuder eye-witnessed an art historical research project on two paintings by Anthony van Dyck. She travelled to Stockholm, where the works were both placed in the restoration studio of the Nationalmuseum.