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EYE on Art is a weekly programme where film meets the visual arts. EYE on Art keeps track of current events, offering shows relating to contemporary artists and special programmes to mark major exhibitions, manifestations and EYE activities. EYE on Art also focuses on experimental work by the new generation of makers and creators Researchlabs and the rich and animated history of the avant-garde film (Masters of the Avantgarde).

The programme is not tied to a strict format and ranges from artist’s talks by filming artists, film evenings put together by artists or special programmes to accompany art exhibitions. All editions of EYE on Art are introduced by a talk, a piece of music or a brief performance. In English.

13 episodes of EYE on art

  • Locus

    Interview with film artists Apichatpong Weerasethakul en Cao Guimarães, and with Director of Exhibitions / curator Jaap Guldemond, about the exhibition Locus: Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Cao Guimarães.

  • Film Manifestos - Scott Mackenzie

    Scott Mackenzie shows in this film talk how manifestos changed the world.

  • Multus #2: Dance on Piano

    Multus #2: Dance on Piano is a fascinating programme for two pianos, which she performs together with Gerard Bouwhuis amidst a forest of screens.

  • Edvard Munch Goes to the Movies

    In the summer of 1927 Edvard Munch made a short film, a sort of home movie avant la lettre, which was showed during this evening in EYE.

  • River of Fundament

    A radical reinvention of Norman Mailer’s novel ‘Ancient Evenings’, this epic film is the work by world renowned art visionary Matthew Barney in collaboration with composer Jonathan Bepler.

  • Kafka Rocks

    The Kafka Band presented a performance based on Franz Kafka's unfinished novel 'The Castle', with ten rock songs and images from the graphic novel.

  • The Artist is Present

    EYE and the AVRO presented the Dutch premiere of the documentary 'The Artist is Present' about the exhibition with the same name by Marina Abramović in The Museum of Modern Art in New York (2010).

  • In & Out of Japan

    A series experimental films by expat Japanese filmmakers, ranging from the poetic to the abrasive.

  • Dream Factory

    With the exhibition ‘Jean Desmet’s Dream Factory - The Adventurous Years of Film (1907-1916)’, EYE opened up one of its treasure troves.

  • Paper Ensemble

    Jochem van Tol and Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, presented ‘Performance #9’, an exploration of the relationship between space, human scale and paper.

  • Marlene Dumas Goes to the Movies

    Parallel to the largescale retrospective exhibition 'Marlene Dumas - The Image as Burden', Dumas selected scenes from films that have influenced her life and work and presented them in thematic evenings.

  • Marlene Dumas Goes to Antonioni

    Dumas selected scenes from films that have influenced her life and work and presented them in thematic evenings. She screened ‘La Notte’ by Michelangelo Antonioni (1960).

  • The Screen as Memory

    South African human rights lawyer Albie Sachs about South Africa and Apartheid. Organised in the context of the exhibition 'If We Ever Get to Heaven.'