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The Zuiderzee Museum in the City of Enkhuizen lets you discover all about life in the former Zuiderzee area through the ages. Find out about the tools people used, the clothes they wore and the crafts and trades they practised. Feel the omnipresent relation with water, which is virtually impossible to miss.

The Outdoor Museum boasts reconstructions of a number of different neighbourhoods with historical houses, where the atmosphere of days gone by is literally palpable. There are demonstrations of several old crafts that once were commonly practise in the regional fishing culture, which really add’s the ‘colour’ to local village community life. Surrounded by the thick walls of a seventeenth-century VOC warehouse is the Indoor Museum where an authentic wooden ‘botter’ (smack) and many other original specimens of boats that were used in the Zuiderzee area await you. Or let yourself be surprised by the various exhibitions in one of the Museum’s other rooms. Some of these exhibitions are temporary and every time they are changed, they throw a different light on the Zuiderzee culture, thereby creating a link between history and present.

A progressive activity of the Zuiderzee Museum is its policy to invite present-day designers and artists to create new art and designs that are somehow connected with the Zuiderzee history. With this approach the Museum adds to the meaning and relevance of history for the present. Up to this very day, the Zuiderzee history has proved a rich source of inspiration and knowledge.

Wierdijk 12 - 22, Enkhuizen
E-mail: info@zuiderzeemuseum.nl
Telephone: 0228 - 35 11 11


11 videos

  • The Poor Man's Gold - Joost van Bleiswijk

    Gain an insight into the origin and history of these treasure-chests made for the Zuiderzee Museum by design artist Joost van Bleiswijk. They are inspired by the historical connection of the City of Enkhuizen and the Museum’s premises with the Dutch East India Trading Company (VOC).

  • Jubilee exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck

    Dutch publisher and distributor Thomas Eyck has stimulated talented designers to create contemporary practical items and art objects in collaboration with artisanal companies since 2007. With this exhibition the museum reflects on the vision of Thomas Eyck.

  • Zuiderzee Chair - Richard Hutten

    These wooden button chairs were commonly found in churches around the Zuiderzee. They used to bear the names of influential churchgoers. This video shows how design artist Richard Hutten’s name is painted on his creation entitled Zuiderzee Chair.

  • Crafts and design at the Zuiderzeemuseum - Michael Huyser

    By commisioning present-day designera and artists, the Zuiderzee Museum seeks to keep the cultural heritage of the former Zuiderzee area alive. Watch and listen to Michael Huyser, the Museum’s former general manager.

  • Zuiderzee Settings - Kiki van Eijk

    Discover how designer Kiki van Eijk made her Zuiderzee Settings. For this creation she drew her inspiration from various historical exhibits in the Museum’s indoor as well as its outdoor department, which she translated into a series of present-day ‘still lifes’ brimming with references to the past.

  • The making of de Zuiderzeeklok – Maarten Baas

    Specially for the Zuiderzee Museum, designer Maarten Baas made the video Zuiderzee Clock. The hands consist of pieces of driftwood laid out on the beach, which are moved around by figures dressed in yellow oilskins.

  • Combers Cabinet – Kranen/Gille

    Inspired by the treasures they found in the Museum’s depot of requisites, designers Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille created their Comber’s Cabinet as a showcase for their discoveries, to help preserving and reconstructing the Zuiderzee history.

  • Revenge of the Pearl Necklace – Ted Noten

    Zuiderzee fishermen were not particularly keen on pearls because the latter were popular with the upper class. This inspired jewel designer Ted Noten to make the work entitled The Revenge of the Pearl Necklace.

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