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Stedelijk Museum Breda is a contemporary city museum. It brings Breda’s rich history to life, and hosts exhibitions on heritage, history, and current visual culture. Stedelijk Museum Breda curates an extensive collection of digital, visual, and religious art, as well as graphic design and urban heritage.

Stedelijk Museum Breda

Boschstraat 22

4811 GH Breda


3 videos

  • Cindy Beck talks about collaboration

    "As a museum, we want work closely with the city. To really be here for Breda", says Cindy Beck, head of Education and Participation. Discover what her team does for children and the city of Breda.

  • The city view by Jeroen Jongeneelen

    The Castle of Breda and the new railway station are just a few hundred metres apart. The castle symbolises Breda’s history, while the station represents the future. Photographer Jeroen Jongeneelen climbs the tower of the Grote Kerk to capture both buildings in a single image.

  • Masja Arnouts restores

    Wearing futuristic goggles, Masja Arnouts restores Hendrik de Meyer’s painting, Departure of the Spanish Occupation Troops from Breda on 10 October 1637. The final result is on display in our exhibition From castle to station.

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