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Sikkens Foundation

The Sikkens Foundation is an independent cultural foundation which aims to stimulate cultural and scientific developments in which colour plays a specific part.

Since its foundation in 1959, the Sikkens Foundation has been closely observing the international artistic developments in the field of colour. It is known for its two core activities: the awarding of the Sikkens Prize and the Mondrian Lecture. Furthermore, in the past sixty years, the Foundation has initiated a number of publications, either as part of the Mondrian Lecture or otherwise addressing the subject of colour. Through these activities, the Sikkens Foundation hopes to deliver a substantial contribution to the artistic and theoretical arena of colour.

The Sikkens Foundation is an independent foundation supported by AkzoNobel.

Sikkens Prize

The Sikkens Prize is one of the Netherlands’ oldest independent art prizes. It is awarded once every few years to individuals or institutions that are considered to have made a special contribution to the field of colour.

Established in 1960, previous winners include Gerrit Rietveld (1960), Le Corbusier (1963), Donald Judd (1993) and Bridget Riley (2013). The most recent winner of the Sikkens Prize (2017) is Dutch designer Hella Jongerius.

The majority of the recipients have been individual artists and architects known for their groundbreaking use of colour, but the Sikkens Foundation does not restrict itself to the visual arts and architecture. Instead, it places colour - which is, after all, a universal phenomenon - in a broader context. This is made clear by the fact that the Prize was also awarded to the hippie movement (1970), de Rijksdienst (National office) for the IJsselmeerpolders (1979), filmmaker Ettore Scola (1983), the city cleaning department of Paris (1995) and Dutch retail company HEMA (2004).

Sikkens Foundation
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  • Introducing Hella Jongerius

    Designer Hella Jongerius received the Sikkens Prize in 2017 for the central use of colour in her work. In this short documentary, we meet Jongerius in her studio in Berlin, where she has worked since 2009. A tour of her studio offers us an intimate look at Jongerius and her vision, as well as a colourful peek behind the scenes.

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