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Dynamic and against the grain. These characteristics do not only describe the city of Ghent but also its Museum of Contemporary Art, S.M.A.K. The museum houses some of the main collection pieces of contemporary art in Belgium. Top collection pieces of national and international artists are presented in original and daring exhibitions. Along the same lines S.M.A.K. creates relevant participation projects for a diverse audience. The surrounding Citadel Parc offers the oxygen you might need after a breathtaking show in S.M.A.K.

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5 videos

  • Impression Dirk Zoete

    Dirk Zoete (1969, Roeselare) lives and works in Ghent. He regularly exhibits in Belgium and abroad, but is also actively involved in Flanders’ experimental artist’s workspaces. To be determined. According to the situation is his first major solo exhibition in a Belgian museum. Drawing forms the basis for all of Dirk Zoete’s work. Starting from drawings, he makes models, sculptures, architectural constructions, photos, films and also new drawings.

  • Man, don't get angry - The attendants' choice

    Museum attendants have a special privilege. During the months they see the exhibitions they get to know the works of art very well, sometimes better than the museum staff. What happens when they are asked to curate an exhibition of the museum’s collection?

  • A small sound in your head

    A small sound in your head is Lee’s first institutional solo show in Europe and is being held parallel to his first museum exhibition in the US.

  • Friends of the S.M.A.K. Prize

    May we introduce you to the 7 winners of the ‘Friends of the S.M.A.K. Prize | Coming People 2016’ in this unique video.

  • Portrait of Rinus Van de Velde

    Unique portrait of artist Rinus Van de Velde on the occasion of the exhibition Donogoo Tonga in S.M.A.K. Gent.

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