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Museum Jan Cunen is located in the monumental neoclassical Villa Constance in the city centre of Oss. The intimate rooms of the former industrial residence serve as the venue for 19th century as well as contemporary art exhibitions.

The building was designed by the architect W. Abels in 1888, commissioned by Dutch margarine manufacturer Arnold van den Bergh, who named the mansion after his daughter Constance. Museum Jan Cunen offers a dynamic and diverse exhibition programme, turning each visit into a unique experience. The museum features an exquisite collection of fine art, including the largest selection of 19th century paintings in the south of the Netherlands. Once a year, the charming, elegantly decorated rooms feature masterpieces by Andreas Schelfhout, Hendrik Willem Mesdag and George Hendrik Breitner.

Furthermore, the museum showcases its extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art, ranging from modern masters such as Pieter Engels, Jan Andriesse, Han Schuil and Marc Mulders to a new generation of artists, including Viviane Sassen, Iris Kensmil, Elspeth Diederix and Ronald Ophuis.

Museum Jan Cunen
Molenstraat 65
5341 GC Oss
The Netherlands

9 videos

  • ‘From Armando to Tajiri – collector’s discoveries

    In this video you get to meet art collector Frans van Ooijen. He talks about the way he required his works of art and how he met different artists.

  • Descendant of a family of artists

    In line of the exhibition 'Mono no Aware' Jasper Krabbé explains how he functions as a descendant of a well known family of artists.

  • The work of Maartje Folkeringa

    Sculptor Maartje Folkeringa is a careful observer of the people around her, intrigued by the dynamics of social behaviour.

  • Elspeth Diederix - Plastic bag

    The moment the mundane loses its sense of familiarity and gains new meaning – is what Elspeth Diederix tries to capture in her photography.

  • A tour through Unfolded by the designers

    Photographer Maurice Scheltens (1972) and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes (1970) create meticulously composed still life photographs. Essential to their work is the creative process that takes place in the studio.

  • Calais, december 2012

    This project, photographed over a period of several years, shows the temporary dwellings and settlements of refugees along the borders of Fort Europe as filmed by Henk Wildschut.

  • The work of David Bade

    This film shows David Bade at work in his studio, as well as on location, working on a project with a group of students.

  • The work of A. van Campenhout

    In this film, directed by Ad van Campenhout himself, we see the true drawing artist at work in his studio.

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  • 100 years of De Stijl

    In 2017, the Netherlands is celebrating the De Stijl, the iconic artistic movement based around straight lines and primary colours. De Stijl artists turned their hands to painting and sculpture, architecture, industrial design, typography and even to literature and music. Museums and art institutes throughout The Netherlands organise exhibitions and many other inspiring events about De Stijl to celebrate this fact.