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Turner, Canova, Van Gogh, Degas, Mondriaan, Marc, Archipenko, Picabia, Pechstein, Chagall, Marini, Picasso – just some of the big names waiting to be discovered at the Museum de Fundatie. The museum's collection is home to some absolute masterpieces from across four centuries of art. Dirk Hannema (1895-1984), former director of Museum Boymans in Rotterdam brought the collection together. Hannema was a collector of the very best in international art, seeking out ‘anything and everything that would aesthetically fascinate’. With this unique collection as its base, De Fundatie presents a wide ranging and attractive programme of exhibitions, hosted in two superb locations: Kasteel het Nijenhuis in Heino/Wijhe and the museum in Zwolle, which was impressively expanded in 2013.

The Zwolle site was extended by one of the world’s most eye-catching museum expansions of the past few years. The former 'Palace of Justice’s' neo classicist portico was capped by an elliptical formed extension called ‘de Wolk’ (the cloud). The construction is clad with 55,000 white-blue tiles. There are two new exhibition halls in ‘de Wolk’, giving a joint floor surface of almost 1,000m2. It also houses the museum bar and features a huge window facilitating superb views out over the historic centre of the Hanseatic city of Zwolle.

Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Hannema's former home, is the museum's second site. The castle presents exhibitions and selections from the collection in an entirely different setting. The location is also encircled by an expansive sculpture garden, with space for almost 100 sculptures by renowned national and international artists. Both exhibition spaces together form an excellent backdrop for an exceptional collection, in which old, modern and contemporary art complement and strengthen each other in a truly fascinating juxtaposition. 

Museum de Fundatie
Blijmarkt 20
8011 NE Zwolle
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)572 388 188
E info@museumdefundatie.nl


Kasteel het Nijenhuis
’t Nijenhuis 10
8131 RD Heino/Wijhe
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)572 388 188
E info@museumdefundatie.nl

7 videos

  • Jasper Krabbé – Japanese Paintings

    In his recent series of Japanese Paintings, Jasper Krabbé quite literally reverses the conventions of oil painting. Inspired by Japanese motifs, the series is made by using impressions of images on the back of unconventional supports like antique linen and pieces of canvas from old theatre scenery.

  • The summer of Museum de Fundatie

    Film about the three summer exhibitions of Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle: Ronald A. Westerhuis – Size Does Matter, Jasper Krabbé – Japanese Paintings, Fritz Klemm – Paintings and works on paper

  • Neo Rauch Dromos Painting 1993-2017

    Neo Rauch is one of the most important artists of today. His work is entirely out of step with the apparently predictable rhythm of developments in the arts over the past few decades. 65 works by Neo Rauch will be on display at Museum de Fundatie.

  • Joseph Klibansky – Leap of Faith

    Joseph Klibansky reflects his work at his first Dutch solo exhibition at Museum de Fundatie.

  • Werner Tübke - Meester schilder tussen Oost en West

    Werner Tübke is seen as the most important painter of the GDR. He was certainly no superficial propagandist. His virtuoso, theatrical and sometimes bizarre work retained its aesthetic significance, even after the fall of the wall in 1989.

  • Behold the Man

    One hundred portraits over one hundred years. Every year one portrait.

  • The Wild - New Wild

    Explore the art works and development of German Expressionism.

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