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Architect Stéphane Beel designed an impressive museum complex encompassing a number of beautiful historical buildings. With a surprising programme of both classical masters and  contemporary artists, M Leuven is a pioneer in the field. New and upcoming talents are also given an opportunity to present their works.

M permanently houses the works of a number of renowned artists. For example, you can discover paintings and sculptures by Flemish masters like Rogier van der Weyden, Constantin Meunier and Quinten Massijs. Having developed from an 18th-century cabinet of curiosities in the attic of Leuven town hall, M’s collection now comprises approximately 52,000 pieces. The central focus of the collection is art production in Leuven and Brabant from the Middle Ages until the 19th century.

With an extensive range of lectures, family Sundays, book presentations, films, tours, student nights and more, there is an art to visiting M.


M Leuven
Leopold van der Kelenstraat 28
3000 Leuven

15 videos

  • Edgard Tytgat - Memory of a much-loved window

    The Brussels-based artist Edgard Tytgat (1879-1957) was a painter, author, and engraver, but more than anything, he was an incredible storyteller. M is bringing his story back to life with more than 70 works from both museum and private collections.

  • Dirk Braeckman - Venice Biennale

    Dirk Braeckman’s photographic works bring a stillness to today’s constant flow of images.

  • Aurélien Froment - Double Tales

    Aurélien Froment’s work might at first appear confusing because it continuously navigates from one subject toanother according to a specific method.

  • Yto Barrada

    In this video the French-Maroccan artist Yto Barrada reflects on the relationship between Morocco and its (paleontological) past.

  • Tracing the Future - Adrien Tirtiaux

    Adrien Tirtiaux’s sculpture at the municipal park in Leuven literally breaks through the boundary between public and private. It challenges you to think about how far you’d be prepared to go in opening up your property for the general good.

  • Lieve Blancquaert - Ecce Homo

    Suffering occurs in all ages. But our depictions and representations of it change. Photographer and documentary filmmaker Lieve Blancquaert connects to the ancient tradition of depicting suffering.

  • From A to K

    The photographs, films and installations of Aglaia Konrad zoom in on exceptional buildings and the transformation of cities.

  • At first sight

    What if the museum cases are left empty? Oriol Vilanova has researched and exposed it in M Leuven.

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