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De Hallen Haarlem is the museum for modern and contemporary art in Haarlem. Two times per year De Hallen Haarlem organises a cluster of exhibitions dealing with current developments in the visual arts. In them the museum offers a platform for artists from the Netherlands and other countries, with the accent on photography and video art. The contemporary programming serves to draw attention to new developments. De Hallen Haarlem regularly hosts solo presentations by much discussed international artists who have never previously been shown in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the annual exhibition in the De Hallen Haarlem Summer Series sheds light on themes and people in the history of modern art, from around 1850 to the present day, and addresses a wide audience.

Frans Hals stands shoulder to shoulder with Rembrandt and Vermeer as one of the most innovative and famous painters of the Golden Age. His breathtakingly skilful and vivid painted portraits were much sought after and were a source of inspiration for later artists like Monet, Manet and Van Gogh. The Frans Hals Museum has the largest collection of Hals’s paintings, including the unique and world-famous group portraits of Civic Guard and Regents. The museum also owns masterpieces by other famous Haarlem painters, including Leyster, Goltzius, Ruisdael and Saenredam. The Frans Hals Museum is housed in a picturesque listed building that was an old men’s alms house from 1609. Frans Hals must have visited when he painted group portraits of the governors of the old men’s home. Enjoy the magnificent Regents’ chambers, the unique dining hall and the beautifully laid out courtyard.

De Hallen Haarlem
Grote Markt 16
2011 RD Haarlem
The Netherlands

Frans Hals Museum
Groot Heiligland 62
2011 ES Haarlem
The Netherlands

6 videos

  • Tuttle, Bosmans and Wang at Frans Hals Museum - Hall

    Poetry, sensitivity and elegance are notions that predominate in this first series of solo exhibitions at De Hallen Haarlem. The museum has invited three artists to make new work inspired by (Haarlem’s) history and by the collections of the Frans Hals Museum..

  • Dutch Old Masters from Budapest

    The Hungarian Szépmüvészeti Múzeum in Budapest has one of the largest collection of Dutch Paintings in their collection. How did they collect these art works? In this video, curator Marrigje Rikken tells you more about the journey of the Dutch paintings to Budapest.

  • Five details of the Baptism of Christ

    While restoring Jan van Scorel's 'Baptism of Christ', the restorers discovered five interesting details. Watch here what they found.

  • Philippe Van Snick

    The exhibition spans almost five decades, and traces developments in this artist’s highly consistent body of work, best known for its postminimalist painting.

  • I spy with my little eye…

    An exhibition about looking where visitors are challenged to discover little secrets through others’ eyes.

  • Emotions: pain and pleasure in Dutch painting of the Golden Age

    Exploring themes as Suffering and Despair, Love and Lust, Joy and Gaiety, the exhibition Emotions: pain and pleasure in Dutch painting of the Golden Age reveals the way painters in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries produced believable portrayals of emotions.

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