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The Fotomuseum (FOMU) in Antwerp is a nationally recognized museum, which is part of De Museumstichting. It is one of the most prestigious and leading museums for photography in Europe.

The FOMU is recognized as an (inter)national expert in the conservation and management of photographic heritage. The museum is world-famous for its unique historical and contemporary collections. These collections consist of photographs, photography equipment and books from the Belgian and international history of photography, with a total of 3 million objects. Furthermore, the growing digital collection is becoming more open for public access.

The open character of the FOMU results in interaction with the public. Engaged and extravert, socially relevant, with the will for renewal. Every year, the museum organizes exhibitions of Belgian and international photographers, in which photography, film and new media come in contact with each other. The museum also supports (young) talented photographers in a variety of projects, exhibitions, events and a magazine. Readings, workshops and films are regularly on the program. In this dynamic way, the FOMU spreads the passion for and the knowledge about photography.

FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerpen


Waalsekaai 47

2000 Antwerpen


T: +32 (0)3 242 93 00