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The spectacular EYE building is an eye-catcher on the IJ harbour. EYE houses four film theatres, an exhibition gallery, an education studio, a shop and a bar-restaurant. The museum organizes four exhibitions per year, in which film is presented as the newest, most dynamic, and most multidisciplinary of all art forms.

The exhibitions are devoted to major film auteurs, the history of the avant-garde, and the border zone between film and the visual arts. EYE offers a fantastic exhibition space of more than 1,200 square metres. The exhibits place significant developments in Dutch cinematography and film art within an international context, and are always related to the EYE collection.

The museum of film possesses and presents films in all genres: a splendid journey through the history of film, from classics and premieres to box office hits and artist’s films. EYE not only reflects on the past but also follows current developments closely with new acquisitions, EYE on Art programmes and debates.

EYE is renowned the world over for its knowledge and expertise in the field of film restoration, research and education. For young and old, film lovers and professionals, EYE sheds light on film as art, as entertainment, and as part of digital image culture from ever-changing perspectives.

EYE Filmmuseum
IJpromenade 1
1031 KT Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

46 videos

  • 1968: You Say You Want a Revolution (ENG)

    Fifty years ago students, factory workers and filmmakers challenged the Establishment, from Amsterdam to Chicago, from Paris to Prague, carrying not only bricks but also agile and light 16mm cameras. EYE Filmmuseum shows how the film camera became the rallying symbol of a generation of young people who demanded the right to shape their own lives.

  • The making of Alex van Warmerdam: L’histoire kaputt

    A man lifts a big black thing out of a closet, there is a composite girl, and there are creatures in the forest. Eye presents new work by Alex van Warmerdam in an exhibition specially designed for the film museum. This small documentary shows the extraordinary making of.

  • Paul Auster’s My Name is Peter Stillman: from book to virtual reality

    Jason Wood, artistic director of HOME in Manchester and author of many film books, talks about the crossovers between the books, of Paul Auster and the VR installation EYE My Name is Peter Stillman, which immerses the visitor in the haunting story of Peter Stillman, the protagonist in Paul Auster’s debut novels that make up The New York Trilogy.

  • Jesper Just

    Short documentary with artist Jesper Just and curator Jaap Guldemond on the occasion of the exhibition Jesper Just (17 December 2017 – 11 March 2018) in EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

  • Locus

    Interview with film artists Apichatpong Weerasethakul en Cao Guimarães, and with Director of Exhibitions / curator Jaap Guldemond, about the exhibition Locus: Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Cao Guimarães.

  • Cinema Erotica

    Cinema Erotica, the thematic program of EYE Filmmuseum (Amsterdam) of June 2017, brushed aside cinematic decorum to present an ode to lust featuring historical curios, films by contemporary artists, talks and musical performances.

  • Film Manifestos - Scott Mackenzie

    Scott Mackenzie shows in this film talk how manifestos changed the world.

  • FURY! Punk Culture

    Every spring EYE presents a theme programme. In 2016 the celebration of forty years of the subversive youth culture punk took center stage.

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  • EYE on art

    EYE on Art is a weekly programme where film meets the visual arts. Missed an edition? Rewatch them here.