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In 1842, it all started with one painting, donated by a private. In that year, the Dordrechts Museum was established by art lovers and collectors. Since then, the internationally renowned and appreciated collection of paintings has developed into one of the most important one in urban museums in the Netherlands.

The Dordrechts Museum is one of the Netherlands’ oldest museums and a place with a rich history. Since the Late Middle Ages, the building was habituated by a monastery, followed by a house for Black Death patients, a mental institution  and in 1904 the Dordrechts Museum. Enjoy six centuries of the art of painting behind the historical façade; an impressive collection of internationally renowned and appreciated works.

Since the foundation, the Dordrechts Musuem has been collecting paintings. Although contemporary art is dominated by other disciplines of fine arts, contemporary paintings are still being collected. Therefore, the museum finds it necessary to pursue the research of painting in presentations and publications.

Dordrechts Museum

Museumstraat 40
3311 XP Dordrecht
+31 (0)78 770 8708


1 videos

  • The Most Con-temporary Painting Show

    This giant work of art by Jan van der Ploeg was specially made on site for The Most Contemporary Painting Show. After an exciting tour through the city, it was fixed to the front of the Dordrechts Museum.

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