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The emphasis of Concordia’s program lies upon new experiences which are not (yet) part of the established order. The program focuses on present-day themes or innovative forms of art. This stimulates the development of the arts on both regional and national level. Therefore, Concordia has a prominent role in the art world in Enschede and the east of the Netherlands and contributes to the character of Enschede as an artistic city.

Concordia seduces its visitors with a dynamic program to let art be part of their daily lives. Multidisciplinary activities arise at Concordia, when intermixing film, theatre and exhibition on a regular base. They surprise culture lovers with an unforgettable experience. We are convinced that art lovers will not let them be classified. They are seeking a variety in their consumption of art, also called the ‘festival experience’. Concordia is convinced that art brings value to life and that everyone should experience it, as art is for everyone.

Expositionspace and offices: Langestraat 56, 7511 HC Enschede

Film and Theater Oude Markt 15, 7511 GA, Enschede Postbus 437, 7500 AK Enschede

T 053 430 09 99

E info@concordia.nl 

2 videos

  • Jessica Segall

    An interview with Jessica Segall about her work and exhibition at Concordia, Enschede

  • Vormaliteit - A movie about Kevin Bauer

    An interview with sculptur Kevin Bauer in his studio in The Hague about his exposition ‘Vormaliteit’ at Concordia in Enschede. He explaines the way he works and what form and image means to him.

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