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Centraal Museum Utrecht, an open house to explore and discover. From Scorel to Bruna to Viktor & Rolf, from Rietveld to the Utrecht Caravaggists, and from Bloemaert to Marlene Dumas.

Classical alongside modern, design alongside Utrecht history, experimental alongside monumental. A museum which leaves you inspired time after time. Expect the unexpected.


Centraal Museum
Agnietenstraat 1
3512 XA Utrecht
The Netherlands

20 videos

  • So it grows! Portrait of a collector

    Henri Swagemakers started collecting art at a young age. The development of his collection is like an adventure. Collecting art is all about assessment, taking risks, about curiosity and fascination, and about choosing the right moment.

  • The Museum Garden

    The Museum Garden of the Centraal Museum is a green oasis in the middle of Utrecht. History, art, culture, plants and trees come together. Designer Ronald Buïel tells about the garden design.

  • Hats through the ages

    Travel through time in the depot of Centraal Museum. Curator of fashion, Ninke Bloemberg, tells about the history of hats through the ages.

  • Liquid Garden, Tanja Smeets

    Centraal Museum asked artist Tanja Smeets to create a new artwork for the museum. The result is ‘ Liquid Garden’. This video shows how Liquid Garden was made.

  • The making of Ultra Vision

    Over the course of the four seasons, Hans Wilschut (Ridderkerk, 1966) photographed four panoramas from Utrecht’s Dom Tower resulting in the series Ultra Vision.

  • The art collection of Josephina and Lambertus van Baaren

    Who were these remarkable collectors Josephina and Lambertus van Baaren and how did they form their collection?

  • Who works at Centraal Museum?

    There are different kinds of people who work at Centraal Museum. They introduce themselves in this video and tell you about their work in the museum.

  • Anthropocene Observatory

    Through the art project 'Antropocene Observatory' artists scientists and philosophers research the far-reaching influence of mankind on our planet

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  • 100 years of De Stijl

    In 2017, the Netherlands is celebrating the De Stijl, the iconic artistic movement based around straight lines and primary colours. De Stijl artists turned their hands to painting and sculpture, architecture, industrial design, typography and even to literature and music. Museums and art institutes throughout The Netherlands organise exhibitions and many other inspiring events about De Stijl to celebrate this fact.