Koos Breukel

2 videos

Awarded dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel (192) takes his intense portraits with large format cameras. The result is a dark and often confronting. He photographs everyone from children and students to writers, yachtsmen and transsexuals. Last year he created the first official portrait photographs of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. In his work Breukel explores where people stand in life and how they cope with the traces that life has left behind. 

2 videos

  • Koos Breukel: Me We - The Circle of Life

    In this exhibition photographer Koos Breukel shows every aspect of life – from birth and joy, to sickness and death. His pictures of both unknown people and celebrities are unprejudiced portraits that do justice to the individual and show the traces left by life.

  • What the Art?! Koos Breukel

    In this episode 'Eye Openers' visit Dutch photographer Koos Breukel in his studio. He talks with them about what makes a photograph a good one.