Judith van den Berg

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Judith van den Berg is trained as a behavioral scientist and as a sculptor. She is fascinated by perception and behaviour. She chooses her material from what is already present around us. People, spaces, ways to see things, habits, meaning that people attach to something, history of a certain place. All these things and more can serve as material. This material is explored and adapted. Her findings and changes are presented to us in various ways. For instance, as a video, a photograph, an event you suddenly are part of, as a drawing, a letter, a sculpture or a book.

She presents her work both in public spaces and in exhibition spaces. Her work is often especially made for a given location. See www.judithvandenberg.com

1 videos

  • The day I became a work of art - Judith van den Berg

    Interactive project of the Dutch artist Judith van den Berg for Middelheimmuseum, performed summer 2017. “Hello sir, madam, today is a very special day at the Middelheim Museum. It is The day I became a work of art. Shall I explain to you what it is about?” Project staff approached visitors this way when they entered the Middelheimmuseum, and invited them to become part of the project.