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Joep van Lieshout (1963, Ravenstein) founded his studio, Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) in 1995. After graduating at the Rotterdam Academy of the Arts, he rose to fame quickly, with functional sculptures that raise questions about the society at large and nature of art.

Over the past two decades, Atelier Van Lieshout has produced a veritable cornucopia of works which straddle art, design and architecture: sculpture and installations, buildings and furniture, utopias and dystopias. What these works have in common are a number of recurring themes, motives and obsessions: systems, power, autarky, life, sex, death. The human individual in the face of a greater whole.

With this body of work, comprising both autonomous and commissioned artworks, he has gained a strong international reputation. The Atelier has exhibited at museums and galleries worldwide, with shows at MoMA, New York, the Hayward Gallery, London, and Centre Pompidou, Paris. Additionally, the Atelier has worked on numerous commissions for both public and private clients.

8 videos

  • Atelier Van Lieshout in the Submarine Wharf

    In 2010, the Submarine Wharf in the Rotterdam harbour area, hosted an exhibition of the sculptures of Atelier van Lieshout. Room-filling artworks and a forest of sculptures were installed in the enormous shed covering almost 5000 m2.

  • What the Art?! Joep van Lieshout

    Blikopeners Coen and Esha decide to drop in on the remarkable studio of Ted van Lieshout to find out more about his work.

  • Dutch Profiles: Atelier van Lieshout

    The work of Joep van Lieshout balances between art and design. Van Lieshout wants his work to be integrated into daily life and not just simply viewed.

  • Henry, de Statistocraat

    The foyer at the heart of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag features a new artwork by Atelier Van Lieshout. Learn more about it in this video!

  • BoijmansTV: Recycle

    In this 6th episode of Boijmans TV, artist Joep van Lieshout is interrogated by security guard Arie about his ideas for saving the world. In his work, Van Lieshout puts forward the idea of recycling people.

  • Joep van Lieshout has a studio, just like Rubens!

    Back and forth. From Peter Paul Rubens in Antwerp to Joep van Lieshout in Rotterdam; and all this only to discover that nothing much has changed in four hundred years?

  • Joep van Lieshout

    Joep van Lieshout is level-headed enough to look the consequences in the eye: a rational and regulated society such as ours ultimately chooses a similar solution for overpopulation as a rat colony based purely on intuition. You eat each other.

  • Cradle to Cradle

    On 9 September 2010, a debate was held in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen about the concept of 'Cradle to Cradle'; the debate was organised in collaboration with Studium Generale Erasmus University, debate centre Arminius and the Goethe Institute.