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Jeff Wall (b. Vancouver, 1946) is a Canadian photographer and one of todays's leading international artists. Since the 1980s, Wall has produced critically acclaimed work in the form of color transparencies backlit by fluorescent light strips and presented in lightboxes.

He was one of the first artists to make photographs on a large scale. The standard lightbox was created for the primary purpose of outdoor advertising. In Wall's work, this medium became a platform for his figurative tableaux, street scenes and interiors, landscapes and cityscapes.

Wall explores themes such as the relationships between men and women and the boundary between metropolis and nature. He offers social commentary on violence and cultural miscommunication, and conjures seductive nightmarish fantasies and personal memories. These scenes provide the basis for photographic reconstructions of Wall's experience. They derive their inherent suspense from a combination of extreme realism and sometimes elaborate artifice.

1 videos

  • Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs, 1996–2013

    In 2014 the Stedelijk Museum presented an extraordinary selection of work by Canadian photographer Jeff Wall, one of today’s leading international artists. Encompassing nearly 40 works, the exhibition surveys Wall’s oeuvre since 1996.