Hella Jongerius

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Dutch designer Hella Jongerius (1963) combines the traditional with the contemporary, the newest technologies with age-old craft techniques. She aims to create products with individual character by including craft elements in the industrial production process.

Jongerius sees her work as part of a never- ending process, and the same is essentially true of all Jongeriuslab designs: they possess the power of the final stage, while also communicating that they are part of something greater, with both a past and an uncertain future. The unfinished, the provisional, the possible – they reside in the attention to imperfections, traces of the creation process, and the revealed potential of materials and techniques. Through this working method, Jongerius not only celebrates the value of the process, but also engages the viewer, the user, in her investigation.

In 1993 she founded the Jongeriuslab studio, where independent projects are developed as well as work for major clients, including the upholstery fabric company Maharam, the interior design of the Delegates’ Lounge of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, cabin interiors for the airline KLM and the installation ‘Colour Recipe Research’ at the invitation of curator Hans Ulrich Obrist for the MAK (Vienna). 

Since 2012, Jongerius has served as Art Director for the rug company Danskina and since 2007 as Art Director of colours and materials for Vitra.

Many of Jongerius’ products can be found in the permanent collections of important museums (such as MoMA, New York, and Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam).

Hella Jongerius lives and works in Berlin.

Photo: Courtesy © Vitra, photography Studio Likeness 

3 videos

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    Hella Jongerius has a love/hate relationship with the mass-production industry but nevertheless decided to cooperate with companies like Vitra or Ikea.

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  • Introducing Hella Jongerius

    Designer Hella Jongerius received the Sikkens Prize in 2017 for the central use of colour in her work. In this short documentary, we meet Jongerius in her studio in Berlin, where she has worked since 2009. A tour of her studio offers us an intimate look at Jongerius and her vision, as well as a colourful peek behind the scenes.