Advertising and Partnerships

Museums have a wealth of stories to tell about art, collections and artists. They also have a huge network in the art world. ARTtube tells these stories using free and attractive videos and events, and opens doors that normally remain closed to visitors and partners.

Those who are curious, can find inspiration, enrichment and enjoyment through ARTtube. 

Through a process of knowledge sharing, ARTtube brings together museums’ storytelling skills, enhances their outreach and promotes their expertise in video production. Our home base is the online platform, but you find our videos in many other places, such as online learning platforms, online magazines, TV channels and festivals.
There are over 800 videos on the site and new content is added weekly. Museums of many kinds can present their material at a central point on the internet, where members of the public go to look for information and inspiration.
Every month we reach out to over 70,000 lovers of art and design through the website, social media channels and our newsletter. 

Want to join?

We welcome new partners: museums, presentation organizations, art biennials and art festivals that want to share top quality video productions with the general public and use the strengths and coverage of a joint video platform.
It is also possible to buy advertising space on ARTtube’s homepage. This provides a straightforward way to reach potential visitors to your exhibitions, festival or fair. 

Why Be an ARTtube Partner?

  • ARTtube offers a unique way to tell your stories about what happens in front of and behind the scenes of the museum to a large and diverse public.
  • ARTtube offers widespread online and offline distribution of the videos through our own channels and media partners.
  • Participating museums share knowledge through the editorial board, working groups and public events.
  • Joint innovation in online public education such as online learning, VR, storytelling and content marketing.
  • Joint supply and production for educational purposes.
  • Being part of the collective makes an attractive proposition for partnerships with broadcasters, distribution channels and festivals. 

In addition, ARTtube partners have access to shared services (pool of filmmakers, editorial guidelines, model contracts), and profit from the communications efforts and expertise in making online videos. 


The advertising space on the homepage can be rented for €250 per week. Every month ARTtube has over 45,000 unique online visitors with an interest in art and culture. Do you want to take advantage of this space? Contact us to learn about the options.

Interested in partnership or advertising? Contact Judith Veraart at