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  • BoijmansTV: Genuinely Fake

    This episode shows a monument of German artist Anne Wenzel and Van Meegeren's Fake Vermeer - The Supper at Emmaus, one of the most famous forgeries of Han van Meegeren.

  • BoijmansTV: Reproduction Prohibited

    In episode 3 of Boijmans TV, pupils of the Rotterdam Pole Dance Academy consider Ewoud van Rijn 'naughty', because in his imagination he regularly has a conversation with the Muses, the daughters of Venus.

  • BoijmansTV: Pretty Ugly

    This second episode of Boijmans TV is called Mooi Lelijk ('Beautiful Terrible'). Museum guard Arie does not understand that artist Lily van der Stokker want to make art that she calls 'Terrible'.

  • Dalí in Rotterdam

    In 1970 Museum Boijmans van Beuningen organised the hugely successful solo exhibition by Salvador Dalí. In this video Renilde Hammacher-van Brande, curator at the time tells about the exhibition and the visit by Dalí himself.

  • BoijmansTV: Opening Night

    In the first episode of Boijmans TV Muslimas visit The Tower of Babel, and is there someone hidden underneath the whole of Cattelan's statue.

  • The Exhibition 'Sketches of Jozef and Isaac Israëls'

    In 1961, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen organized the exhibition 'Sketches of Jozef and Isaac Israëls', shown in this fragment of the newsreel.

  • Masterpiece or copy? Anthony van Dyck

    Masterpiece or copy? Two identical pieces of Anthony van Dijck depict Saint Jerome with an angel. But which one is real?

  • Inside out: Boijmans on show at Kunsthal

    In total 9,998 paintings and objects from the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen repositories crossed Rotterdam's Museumpark to go on show in the Kunsthal.