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  • Joost Conijn on ‘Good evening to the people living in the camp.’

    An interview with artist Joost Conijn. Midst the construction of his new installation Conijn discusses his new video work ‘Good evening to the people living in het camp’.

  • Sensory Spaces 13 - Anne Hardy

    For Sensory Spaces 13 Anne Hardy (UK, 1970) will present a new FIELD work: she invites the visitor to enter a dream-like, animated world. In this video the artist and the guest curator Nina Folkersma explain the work and process behind the installation.

  • The Tower of Babel – back from Japan

    The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is one of the highlights in the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. This painting and ninety other masterpieces were recently exhibited in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. It is interesting how differently people in Japan perceived this painting.

  • Change Makers - Arne Hendriks

    Arne Hendriks has been exploring the notion of downsizing for more than seven years. With his project The Incredible Shrinking Man, he is attempting to change ideas about growth and to encourage the notion that smaller is better.

  • Change makers – Manon van Hoeckel

    If we don’t dare to talk with other people, social cohesion will break down. With the Boijmans Launderette, Manon van Hoeckel has created the ultimate waiting room in the hope of creating unexpected encounters and conversations.

  • Change makers: Jolan van der Wiel

    Jólan van der Wiel researches natural forces and uses them for his designs. Rather than fighting against climate change, Van der Wiel embraces the consequences of global warming. In Tropic City – Rotterdam, he shows that the heavy rainfall and rising temperatures can be the starting point for solution oriented design.

  • Change makers - Melle Smets en Kris de Decker

    How can human muscle power provide us with energy? Melle Smets and Kris de Decker think the solution to energy problems can be found when we change our behavior.

  • Sjarel Ex in conversation with Tal R

    The museum’s director Sjarel Ex talks to the Danish artist about his multifaceted oeuvre, his energetic style and his first major retrospective exhibition.