The Wild - New Wild

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Explore the art works and development of German Expressionism.

Museum de Fundatie and the Groninger Museum present: 'The Wild - Expressionism of 'Die Brücke' and 'Der Blauwe Reiter' and 'New Wild Painters - German Neoexpressionism From The 1980's'

The exhibitions form a new collaboration between Museum de Fundatie and the Groninger Museum. Whilst the exhibition in Zwolle centres on turn of the twentieth century expressionism, showing from 28 April - 18 September 2016. The Groninger Museum will turn the spotlight on neo-expressionism from the nineteen eighties, showing from 30 April – 23 October. Both art movements have one important thing in common: artistic freedom without compromise. 

In this video Andreas Blühm (Director of Groninger Museum) and Ralph Keuning (Director of Museum de Fundatie) reflect on the collaboration and collision of both expositions.

Film made on the occasion of Wilden - Nieuwe Wilden in Museum de Fundatie & Groninger Museum. 

Video credits

  • Film: Sije Kingma 
  • Music: Chris Zabriskie
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