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  • Gelatin: Vorm - Fellows - Attitude

    Gelatin is four artists who started working together in 1993. In this exhibition, Gelatin explores the disparate possibilities of what sculpture can be, disarming taboos that cause prejudice, discomfort, and fear.

  • Paul Auster’s My Name is Peter Stillman: from book to virtual reality

    Jason Wood, artistic director of HOME in Manchester and author of many film books, talks about the crossovers between the books, of Paul Auster and the VR installation EYE My Name is Peter Stillman, which immerses the visitor in the haunting story of Peter Stillman, the protagonist in Paul Auster’s debut novels that make up The New York Trilogy.

  • Vormaliteit - A movie about Kevin Bauer

    An interview with sculptur Kevin Bauer in his studio in The Hague about his exposition ‘Vormaliteit’ at Concordia in Enschede. He explaines the way he works and what form and image means to him.

  • A rolling stone gathers no moss – Kasper De Vos

    In his first Dutch solo exhibition A rolling stone gathers no moss, Kasper De Vos (1988) presents an exceptionally developed sculptural oeuvre in the Flemish cultural house De Brakke Grond. Used, leftover materials lose their traditional function and a new colourful reality unfolds.

  • AMVK presents AMVK

    “Making this show felt like a near-death experience, but I also believe it has set me free”, says AMVK (Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven) about AMVK, the survey exhibition she put together with curator Anders Kreuger in M HKA (Antwerp). Portrait of a pioneer.

  • Feiko Beckers

    Insensitive to the hypes of the mostly serious art world, Feiko Beckers (Witmarsum, 1983) is a striking presence. With his inimitable logic and atypical decors, costumes and props, Beckers’ performances are alienating, to say the least. He invents hilarious solutions to trivial problems that often far exceed their intention.


    Photography not only chronicles the passage of time, impermanence, and the ageing of people and things, but photographs themselves are uniquely impermanent objects.

  • Jan Steen’s Histories - Introduction

    Jan Steen is best known as a painter of chaotic and disorderly scenes of everyday life, which gave rise to the popular Dutch proverb ‘a Jan Steen household’. But he also painted very different subjects: stories from the Bible, classical mythology and antiquity.