By: De Pont

Publication date: 28 Jun 2012

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In the paintings of Reinoud van Vught, paint and chance are given free rein. Moments at which he pours out the paint and directs the fluid substance only in a loose, intuitive manner are alternated, however, by more empathic interventions. His elaboration on the irregular traces of paint, or on the visually dense surface of a piece of paper worn down by countless revisions, frequently gives rise to organic and floral motifs. Van Vught finds his inspiration in nature and in the tradition of painting – but particularly in the painting that he has before him: ‘I look at what the paint and the canvas have to tell me; that’s where I find my direction (…).’
 Several works by van Vught are part of the collection of De Pont.

Director and camera: Zeus Hoenderop