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  • Knut Faldbakken

    Matias Faldbakken's father is Knut Faldbakken, a well-known author who has written countless novels, plays and thrillers. Knut Faldbakken studied psychology and journalism. 

  • Gro Skåltveit and Stefan Faldbakken

    All Matias's family members are artists. His mother, Gro Skåltveit, is a ceramic artist and his brother Stefan Faldbakken is a film director.

  • Matias Faldbakken as a writer

    Under the pseudonym 'Abo Rasul', Matias Faldbakken published a trilogy in which he rails against the consumer society and the hypocrisy of the Western middle class. The trilogy: ‘The Cocka Hola Company’, ‘Macht under Rebel’ and ‘Unfun’, has been translated into German and reworked as a play that has been performed in several countries. 

  • Dada

    Dada or Dadaism is an art movement that started during World War I in Zurich, in neutral Switzerland. Artists such as Tristan Tzara and Richard Huelsenbeck responded to the terrors and insanity of the war by rejecting the accepted norms and, in their place, used irrational, sometimes nihilistic performances, actions, texts and collages. The movement was short lived (1916-1920), but flourished in Paris, Berlin and Antwerp. In the Netherlands, Theo van Doesburg, founder of the magazine De Stijl, was a Dadaist under the pseudonym I.K. Bonset. Dada artists often used cuttings from newspapers and magazines in socially critical collages or transformed existing articles into new images. The influence of dada on the art of the twentieth century was enormous.

  • Situationism

    The Situationists formed an international politically oriented movement in the art of the ‘fifties and ‘sixties under the leadership of Guy Debord. They strove to set in motion an on-going social revolution and organized disruptive situations and happenings. The name Situationism refers to the idea that each generation can find itself in a situation that arose because of the previous generation. The new generation must resist, so that a permanent revolt continues against authority. The use of the word ‘Situationism’ was, incidentally, rejected by the Situationists themselves because it could suggest a rigid ideology. They preferred: Situationist International.

  • René Magritte: La reproduction interdite (1937)

    The Belgian artist René Magritte was fascinated by the mystery in the visible reality. Unlike the other surrealists, who were inspired by dream images and the subconscious, Margritte’s eye was attracted to everyday objects to which he gave an artistic twist. The man Magritte portrays in 'La reproduction interdite'  is the eccentric wealthy Englishman Edward James. He was a friend of the artist and bought various works from him. Magritte based the portrait on a photograph he made of Edward James looking at the painting ‘On the threshold of freedom’. In the 1930s and 1940s, Edward James was the benefactor of both Dalí and Magritte.

    This painting is discussed in this episode of Boijmans TV.

By: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Publication date: 18 Sep 2012

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The framed bin bag by the Scandinavian artist Matias Faldbakken caused something of a commotion. Faldbakken frequently makes radical and provocative attacks on society and the art world. He destroys and provokes, but at the same time recognises that he is an irrevocable part of the very society to which he says ‘no’.

In this interview, Matias Faldbakken talks about the artist family in which he grew up, his repulsion for street art and his fascination for minimalism. He explains that he plays with museum conventions and that his locker cupboard bound with expandable binders would not have the added value on the street that it generates by itself in an art environment. Furthermore, he has a tip for the museum visitor.

This video was made on the occasion of Intervention # 21 - Matias Faldbakken, in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen from September 1, 2012 until January 27, 2013. All the works on show are from the Bert Kreuk Collection.

Camera, interview, edit: Rose Klaver
Chief editor: Els Hoek

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