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  • Jeff Koons

    Jeff Koons (1955) is an American artist who lives and works in New York. His art works deal with the relationship between art and kitsch. He is famous for his enormous objects such as gigantic rabbits and religious pigs with which he topped, until recently, the list of best paid artists ever. Koons is a master of enlarging everyday objects to enormous proportions. His “new-pop-art type” works are uncritical blow ups of the consumer society. In his creations, he brings together high and low culture in objects that are seductive, but at the same time überkitsch. His New York studio, where more than 80 people work, is reminiscent (as, too, is his work) of Andy Warhol and his Factory in the sixties.

    This giant Easter egg is part of the Celebration Series. All works in this series refer to a party theme and in particular to the symbolic objects that people deploy to increase the festive joy: balloons, Easter eggs, flaming red hearts and rings set with diamonds. Normally such trinkets are mass produced cheaply, but the sculptures of Koons are unique and technically sophisticated. For example, the coating on this Easter egg was applied layer for layer, using an advanced technique from the automotive industry. Koons made ten monumental Easter eggs with ribbon between 1994 and 2008; five have a smooth surface (Smooth Egg) and the other eggs seem to be packed in crumpled foil: Baroque Egg. All the works are in important private collections.

  • Bert Kreuk

    Bert Kreuk had set his sights for quite a while on a egg from the ‘Celebration Series’ by Koons. In November 2011, he had the chance of purchasing such an egg for 6.2 million dollars at Christie’s in New York. Various museums approached the collector to ask whether they might exhibit the egg. The 47-year-old collector from Capelle aan de IJssel chose Rotterdam. Kreuk has been visiting Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen since he was a boy of ten. The Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta) will be exhibited for the next three years in the Museum, with thanks to the Bert Kreuk Collection.

Museums throughout the world have been lining up to exhibit the immense, gleaming orange ‘Easter egg’ with magenta bow ‘Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta)’, by multimillionaire artist Jeff Koons. The Dutch private collector Bert Kreuk, however, chose Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen because of his special link with Rotterdam. 

This video shows the art work, weighing nearly two thousand kilos and measuring six cubic metres, arriving at the museum. A lot of work is involved in unloading, transporting and unpacking such a gigantic egg. 

Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta) can be admired for the next three years in the entrance area of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Camera, edit and music: Hans Wessels