Want to stay up to date about ARTtube? The New Craftsmanship – a conversation with Iris van Herpen 11:05 Iris van Herpen: 3D design - Rapid Prototyping 13:25 The Future of Fashion is Now - Craig Green 02:59 Mark Manders: the toilet Rietveld never made 04:39 Atelier Remy&Veenhuizen: concrete chair 01:57 Rietveld's little red chair 02:52 Marcel Wanders - Pinned Up 03:23 Tejo Remy about 'You Can't Lay Down Your Memory' 01:52 Centraal Museum Harmen Liemburg's assignment 00:49 Studio Moniker's assignment 00:46 Marcel Wanders's assignment 00:58 What the Art?! Peer educators visit artists and designers What the Art?! Studio Moniker (multimedia) 08:44 What the Art?! Marcel Wanders (design) 09:18 What the Art?! Harmen Liemburg (graphic design) 09:52 Dutch Profiles Introduction: Dutch Design Decoded 09:53 Curator's Choice: Saskia van Kampen-Prein about Thomas Rentmeister 04:00 Dutch Profiles: Jan van Toorn 10:02 Curator's choice: Verner Panton 02:59 Dutch Profiles: Roosje Klap 08:50 Dutch Profiles: Metahaven 08:49 Dutch Profiles: Richard Hutten 06:09 Dutch Profiles: Doepel Strijkers 08:16 Dutch Profiles: Lucas Maassen 07:47 Dutch Profiles: Dirk van der Kooij 07:34 Dutch Profiles: Tjeerd Veenhoven 07:12 Dutch Profiles 96 Dutch architects, graphic, product and fashion designers Curator's choice: Emile Gallé 03:46 Richness and wealth: High Tea Pot (Wieki Somers) 04:03 Richness and Wealth: Goudriaan Lamp (Jan Eisenloeffel) 04:59 Hand Made - Long Live Crafts 06:45 Bent wood 07:14 Dutch Profiles: Daan Roosegaarde 07:58 A daily visual column: Gorilla 05:00 Dutch Profiles: Studio Dumbar 08:37 Dutch Profiles: Joris Laarman 08:20 Dutch Profiles: De Designpolitie 09:14 Dutch Profiles: Bart Hess 07:34 Dutch Profiles: Jan Taminiau 07:24 Dutch Profiles: Ahrend, Friso Kramer and Ineke Hans 07:43 The new graphic identity of the Stedelijk Museum by Mevis & Van Deursen 03:24 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam About ARTtube 01:34 Series: Curator's Choice Favorites from the collections Frans Dijkmeijer: A Life in Weaving 11:29 VIP interview: Peter van Ingen 02:12 Series: Works of Art A single piece in the spotlight Finnish Glass from the Cor and Sjoukje de Wit Collection 06:28 Dutch Profiles: npk design 08:18 Dutch Profiles: Catalogtree 06:20 Dutch Profiles: Bertjan Pot 06:32 Dutch Profiles: Conny Groenewegen 07:23 Dutch Profiles: Spijkers en Spijkers 04:13 Dutch Profiles: Luna Maurer 06:37 Dutch Profiles: Karel Martens 08:30 Dutch Profiles: VANMOOF 05:03 Rogier van der Heide 02:29 Rietveld Landscape - winner Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 02:28 Pieke Bergmans 02:31 Philips 02:15 Hans Gremmen 02:28 Piet Hein Eek 02:29 Ester van de Wiel 02:26 Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 The nominees and the winner NRC 02:28 Monique van Heist 02:22 Matthijs Munnik 02:31 Jeanne van Heeswijk 02:28 Dutch Profiles: Monique van Heist 05:57 De Waag 02:34 Catalogtree 02:29 Bart Hess 02:25 Dutch Profiles: Christien Meindertsma 07:49 Symposium 'New Energy': Mike Thompson 20:38 Symposium 'New Energy': panel discussion 23:30 Symposium 'New Energy': introduction by Annemartine van Kesteren 17:51 Symposium 'New Energy': Theo Jansen 33:08 Biography of a Glass 03:13 Dutch Profiles: Li Edelkoort 06:52 Dutch Profiles: Gijs Bakker 06:51 Dutch Profiles: Piet Hein Eek 06:24 Dutch Profiles: Marcel Wanders 06:47 Dutch Profiles: Iris van Herpen 07:01 Alexandra Gaba van Dongen about table manners in the 16th Century 02:47 Dutch Profiles: HEMA 05:06 Dutch Profiles: Wim Crouwel 10:24 Dutch Profiles: Bruno Ninaber 06:00 Dutch Profiles: Droog 06:02 Dutch Profiles: Piet Paris 06:18 Annemartine van Kesteren talks about Rietveld and Gispen 02:05 Dutch Profiles: Studio Wieki Somers 05:20 Dutch Profiles: Mediamatic 06:44 Dutch Profiles: Merkx+Girod 05:49 Dutch Profiles: Gilian Schrofer 05:55 Cradle to Cradle 06:39 Dutch Profiles: Maarten Baas 05:48 Dutch Profiles: Francisco van Benthum 04:30 Boijmans TV Episode 12. Episode Without Name 14:56 Dutch Profiles: Kossmann.dejong 05:17 Annemartine van Kesteren explains a revolution in Dutch Design 01:57 Dutch Profiles: Thonik 06:39 Dutch Profiles: Atelier van Lieshout 06:14 Curator's Choice: Mienke Simon Thomas demonstrates Herman Doomer's collector’s cabinet 02:41 The Next Promise of Design (EN) 40:40 Ritsue Mishima: Glass Works Venice 14:50 Dutch Profiles: Alexander van Slobbe 04:53 Dutch Profiles: Royal Tichelaar Makkum 05:23 Dutch Profiles: Joost Grootens 04:59 Dutch Profiles: Paul Mijksenaar 04:52 Dutch Profiles: Philips 04:40 Dutch Profiles: Ted Noten 04:23 Dutch Profiles: Gerard Unger 04:26 Dutch Profiles: G-Star 05:12 Dutch Profiles: Jurgen Bey 04:55 Dutch Profiles: Dick Bruna 03:41 Dutch Profiles: Customr 05:35 Dutch Profiles: Claudy Jongstra 05:08 Dutch Profiles: Carver 04:04 Dutch Profiles: Hella Jongerius 06:21 Dutch Profiles: Marlies Dekkers 06:22 Dutch Profiles: Vlisco 06:11 Merry-go-round coatrack: Studio Wieki Somers 04:58 Information layers of atlases: Joost Grootens - Winner Rotterdam Design Prize 2009 05:05 The future office: Makkink & Bey 05:00 Craft meets design: Koninklijke Tichelaar 05:06 A pig in a hundred pieces: Christien Meindertsma 05:01 Dome construction for illegal immigrants: Customr 05:07 Overview
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